Kids Prayer Mat – Velvet Non Slip Style – 60


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Children Prayer Mat is a multi-functional children’s prayer mat which can be used as a playmat, floor cushion and prayer mat. This prayer mat will not slip when you pray. It is made from a unique polyester fabric that provides maximum comfort and stability. This product has been designed to give your child the best start in life. The Children Prayer Mat will help them develop their faith and character from an early age, so they are ready for school when the time comes.

Company Description: We are one of the leading suppliers of quality Islamic products for Muslim children and families. Our company has been established since 2018 with a vision to produce high quality Islamic products that encourage young Muslims to grow up.

• Encourage your children to pray with this beautiful prayer mat, read the Quran and become confident in their religion. This is a great way to start the habit of praying at an early age.

• The prayer mat has been designed with the intention of encouraging children to pray and help them to become confident in their faith. It also helps them learn how to practice good deeds and create leadership skills from a young age.

• The prayer mat can be used as a gift for any occasion, or simply as something nice for your child’s room. It is made from high quality materials that are durable enough to last many years of use.

• Good Practice for children to learn how to pray regularly

• Creating Leadership among Children by teaching them how to lead prayers when they are older.

• Beautiful Gift for your little ones.

• Non Slip Mat – This prayer mat is made from a durable polyester fabric which means that it won’t slip around during your prayers and ensures that the floor underneath is protected from any damage caused by the mat itself.

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Islamic Essential


65 x 35 cm


Islamic Essential

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Unisex , Kids


Flannel Velvet


Kids Prayer Mats


Non-Slip Prayer Mats


65 x 35 cm