Business Tax Compliance Notice

313 London Ltd, 7 Umberston Street (Lower Ground Floor) , London , E1 1PY, United Kingdom  Company Registration Number : 11738667

VAT Registration Number: GB363631500

Important Tax Information

Thank you for choosing to do business with 313 London Ltd. To ensure transparency and compliance with tax regulations in the United Kingdom, we would like to provide you with the following tax-related information:

  1. Value Added Tax (VAT):

313 London Ltd is registered for VAT in the United Kingdom, and our VAT Registration Number is GB363631500

  • VAT is charged on all applicable products and services as required by UK tax law.
  • VAT rates applicable to your order will be clearly stated during the checkout process.
  1. VAT Invoices:
  • Upon successful completion of your order, you will receive a VAT invoice that provides a detailed breakdown of the VAT applied to your purchase.
  1. VAT Exemptions:
  • If your business is eligible for VAT exemptions or reduced rates under specific circumstances, please ensure you provide the necessary documentation and information during the checkout process.
  1. Tax Records:
  • 313 London Ltd maintains accurate records of all transactions, including tax-related information, in compliance with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) requirements.
  1. Contact Information:
  • If you have any tax-related questions or require additional information, please contact our dedicated tax support team. Please note that all tax-related information provided is subject to change in accordance with the latest UK tax regulations. It is recommended to consult with your tax advisor or HMRC for specific tax-related queries.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your cooperation in helping us maintain tax compliance.