99 Beads Tasbih Crystal Off White D25 (Pack of 12)

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Explore Our Premium Tasbih Collections

We take immense pride in offering a diverse range of premium quality Tasbih, meticulously crafted to enrich your spiritual journey. Our Tasbih collections feature strong threads and are designed for durability, ensuring they accompany you on your spiritual path for years to come.

Choose from our exquisite collections, each with its unique style and material:

33 Beads Tasbih: Ideal for quick and focused Dhikr sessions.

99 Beads Tasbih: Perfect for comprehensive remembrance and supplication.

Traditional Style Tasbih: A timeless choice reflecting classic Islamic aesthetics.

Turkish Style Tasbih: Crafted with Turkish flair, blending elegance and spirituality.

Daily Use Tasbih: Designed for daily devotion, made to last.

Premium Tasbih: A symbol of excellence in craftsmanship and design.

Plastic Tasbih: Lightweight and practical for everyday use.

Crystal Tasbih: Radiant beauty with crystal embellishments.

Pearl Tasbih: Elegance meets spirituality with lustrous pearls.

Wooden Tasbih: Natural warmth and earthy charm.

Precious Stone Tasbih: Infused with the healing energy of precious stones.

Rare Stone Tasbih: Unique, handpicked stones for spiritual significance.

Aqiq Stone Tasbih: Harness the spiritual power of Aqiq stones.

Embrace the rich tradition of Tasbih and enhance your spiritual journey with our premium collections. Our Webstore is your trusted destination for high-quality Tasbih, designed to deepen your connection with Allah (SWT) and bring tranquillity to your heart.

Discover the Sacred Tradition of Tasbih/Rosary

History of Tasbih:

The tradition of Tasbih, also known as the Islamic Rosary, holds deep roots in Islamic history and spirituality. Derived from the Arabic word "subha," which means "glorification," Tasbih has been a cherished practice for Muslims across the globe for centuries.

Tasbih beads were historically used as a means of counting the praises and names of Allah (SWT) and engaging in Dhikr (remembrance of God). Its origin can be traced back to early Islamic traditions, with various styles and materials evolving over time to suit the diverse cultures and preferences of Muslim communities worldwide.

Importance of Tasbih in Islamic Faith:

Tasbih is not merely a string of beads; it is a profound tool for nurturing spirituality and fostering a deeper connection with Allah (SWT). Here are some key reasons why Tasbih holds immense significance in Islamic practice:

Remembrance of Allah: Tasbih encourages Muslims to engage in the constant remembrance of Allah. Reciting the names and praises of God allows individuals to maintain a strong spiritual connection throughout the day.

Inner Peace and Tranquillity: The rhythmic act of moving beads while reciting Dhikr has a calming effect on the soul. It helps reduce stress and anxiety, offering a sense of inner peace and tranquillity.

Spiritual Reflection: Tasbih provides a space for spiritual reflection and meditation. It allows believers to ponder the divine attributes of Allah and seek His guidance and forgiveness.

Cultivating Gratitude: Tasbih encourages gratitude for the countless blessings bestowed upon us by Allah. It serves as a constant reminder to be thankful for His mercy and generosity.

Enhancing Focus in Prayer: When used during prayers, Tasbih aids in maintaining concentration and attentiveness. It helps individuals to immerse themselves fully in their worship.

Community and Tradition: Tasbih is an integral part of Islamic tradition and community. It is often passed down through generations, strengthening the bond between families and communities.