Handcrafted wooden Rearview mirror Car Hanger 11B Green (Pack of 12pcs)

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This Wooden Islamic Calligraphy Car Hanger is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of Arabic calligraphy to their car. The high quality wood is easy to hang and gives your car an elegant natural wood effect. The Arabic calligraphy design is beautiful and perfect for anyone who wants to show their Islamic faith. It is made from high quality wood with a beautiful design that will look great on any wall or car hanging. The natural wood and Arabic calligraphy design make this a unique and stylish hanging decorative ornament that will be appreciated by any viewer.

- Arabic Calligraphy - The Arabic calligraphy design is engraved on the wood and looks beautiful.

- Gift - Wooden Islamic Calligraphy Car Hanger is a perfect item for yourself or as a gift for all Muslims during Ramadan or Eid and special occasions.

- Beautiful Designs - These hangers features beautifully designed names in the form of Allah and Muhammad.

- High Quality - Crafted from high quality wood with a beautiful design.

- Easy to use - Just place the car hanger on any hook in the home or on the rear view mirror of your car and you are ready to go!

- Natural Wood Effect - Wooden bookmark has a natural wooden effect.

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