PUZZLE - 1328-6 (Carton of 72pcs)

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A captivating and educational tool designed to ignite the curiosity of young minds while fostering a deep appreciation for the Arabic language and culture. This enchanting puzzle is a gateway to a world of discovery, making learning a joyful and immersive experience for children.


Educational Entertainment: Our Arabic Learning Adventure Wooden Puzzle combines fun and learning seamlessly. It's perfect for kids aged 3 and above, helping them develop cognitive skills, fine motor skills, and an early appreciation for language.

Vibrant and Engaging Design: Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly wood, this puzzle features a visually appealing and engaging design. Each puzzle piece showcases a charming illustration of a common object, animal, or fruit, along with its name written in clear Arabic script.

Durability and Safety: We prioritize the safety of your child. The puzzle pieces are crafted with non-toxic paint and have smooth edges, ensuring that little fingers stay safe during playtime.

Interactive Learning: Encourage interactive learning sessions by involving parents, guardians, or educators. As kids match the puzzle pieces to their corresponding slots, they'll gain a sense of achievement and enhance their memory retention.

Cultural Awareness: This puzzle promotes cultural awareness and understanding by introducing children to Arabic words and script. It's a steppingstone towards embracing diversity and fostering a global perspective.

Whether it's "تفاحة" (tufahhah) for apple, "فيل" (feel) for elephant, or "شمس" (shams) for sun, our Arabic Learning Adventure Wooden Puzzle transforms language learning into an exciting adventure. It's a gift that keeps on giving, offering hours of entertainment and skill development while nurturing a lifelong love for the Arabic language.

Order now and embark on a journey of discovery through the beauty of the Arabic language!