Ride On Car - CCL8808 (Carton of 1pcs)

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Electric Ride-On Toy Car for Children - Two-Seater Adventure

Buckle up for endless adventures with our Two-Seater Electric Ride-On Toy Car, designed to bring pure joy to your child's playtime! This mini roadster is packed with incredible features that promise hours of fun and excitement.

Key Features:

 Simulation Dashboard: Our ride-on car boasts a lifelike simulation dashboard, adding a touch of realism to your child's driving experience.

Volume and Music Player: With adjustable volume controls and a built-in music player, your little driver can customize their soundtrack for each journey.

 USB and MP3 Plug: Connect external devices via USB or MP3 plug to play your child's favorite tunes while on the move.

 Forward and Back: Easily switch between forward and reverse gears, giving your child full control of their driving adventures.

 Volume Reduction: Parents will appreciate the volume reduction feature for quieter playtime when needed.

 Colourful Lights: Multi-coloured lights adorn the car, creating a captivating visual experience as it glides along.

 Dual Drive: Our toy car features dual-drive functionality, ensuring both rear and front wheels provide the power for a smooth ride.

 Front and Rear Simulation Shock Absorption: Realistic shock absorption at both the front and rear ensures a comfortable and stable ride, even on bumpy terrain.

 Dynamic Music: Dynamic, built-in music adds an extra layer of excitement to every ride.

 Double Battery: Equipped with a pair of 6V4.5A batteries, this car offers extended playtime, so the adventure never has to end.

 380 Double Motor Strong Power Drive: Our dual motor system provides robust power for a thrilling driving experience, whether on the sidewalk or in the backyard.

Let your child's imagination run wild as they take the wheel of this electric ride-on car. Perfect for playdates, outdoor adventures, or simply cruising around the neighbourhood, it's a delightful gift that combines entertainment and exercise.

Give your little one the gift of exploration and fun with our Two-Seater Electric Ride-On Toy Car. Order now and watch their faces light up with excitement!