Ride On Motorcycle - 1188F (Carton of 1pcs)

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Explore the Outdoors with Our Two-Seater Electric Toy Motorbike for Kids!


Introducing our state-of-the-art Two-Seater Ride-On Electric Toy Motorbike, designed to ignite your child's sense of adventure and exploration. Whether it's indoor play, outdoor garden fun, or park escapades, this motorbike promises endless excitement and entertainment.

Key Features:

Dual-Electric Dual-Drive: Powered by dual 6V motors (4x2 configuration) with 380W of combined power, this motorbike delivers a thrilling and smooth ride for two.

Independent Swing Motion: Experience the thrill of independent swing motion that adds an extra layer of fun to every ride, allowing your child to steer their adventure in any direction they choose.

Music and Early Education: Built-in music and early education features create a multisensory experience, making learning fun while grooving to their favourite tunes.

Bluetooth Remote Control: always Stay in control with the Bluetooth remote control, allowing parents to guide and assist young riders for added safety.

One-Click Startup: Easy one-click startup ensures a hassle-free and speedy start to every adventure, putting the excitement at your child's fingertips.

USB Socket: Charge up for non-stop fun with the convenient USB socket, so your little explorer can enjoy endless hours of play.

LED Headlights: Equipped with LED headlights, our motorbike offers a realistic riding experience while enhancing visibility, even in low light conditions.

Mobile App Control: Take the adventure to the next level with mobile app control, offering an immersive and interactive riding experience for tech-savvy kids.

Our Two-Seater Ride-On Electric Toy Motorbike is more than just a toy; it's a gateway to imagination, outdoor exploration, and shared adventures. Watch your children's faces light up as they embark on thrilling rides with friends and family.

Give your child the gift of outdoor excitement and indoor entertainment. Order your Two-Seater Electric Toy Motorbike today and let the adventures begin!