Ride On SUV - 6188 (Carton of 1pcs)

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Two-Seater Ride-On Electric SUV for Kids

Introducing the ultimate adventure companion for your little one—the Two-Seater Ride-On Electric SUV for Kids! This thrilling electric toy car is designed to deliver hours of fun, safety, and educational entertainment.

Key Features:

  • Four-Wheel Shock Absorption: Our SUV is equipped with four-wheel shock absorption for a smooth and comfortable ride, ensuring your child's safety and comfort even on bumpy terrain.
  • Portable Handle: A convenient handle allows parents to easily transport and maneuver the car, ensuring your child's enjoyment wherever they go.
  • Slow Start: The gradual acceleration feature ensures a gentle and safe start, preventing any sudden jolts for a worry-free riding experience.
  • One-to-One 2.4G Bluetooth Remote Control: Parents can take control with the Bluetooth remote, offering peace of mind and added safety during playtime.
  • 12V Dual-Drive 380 Motor: The powerful 12V dual-drive 380 motor provides ample power for an exciting and responsive driving experience.
  • 12V4.5A Large Battery: With a large 12V4.5A battery, your child can enjoy extended playtime on a single charge.
  • Double Door: Our SUV features double doors for easy access, adding an extra touch of realism to their driving adventures.
  • 3-Speed Speed Regulation: Choose from three-speed options to match your child's skill level, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride as they grow.
  • New Silent Swing Function: The new silent swing function adds a dynamic element to the ride, making it even more engaging and entertaining.
  • Equipped with Seat Belt: Safety first! The SUV comes with a seat belt to keep your child securely fastened during their adventure.
  • Body LED Light: LED lights on the body of the car add a cool and stylish look while enhancing visibility.
  • Dynamic Music: Enjoy dynamic music that keeps the excitement alive during every ride.
  • Storytelling and Early Education: Explore educational entertainment with storytelling, early education, ancient poetry, and volume adjustment functions.

Whether it's cruising through the neighborhood, exploring the backyard, or embarking on exciting adventures, our Two-Seater Ride-On Electric SUV for Kids is the perfect choice. Watch your child's face light up with joy as they create lasting memories with this incredible toy car. Get ready for endless hours of safe, educational, and thrilling fun!