Toy Electric Bike - Model 2020 (Carton of 1pcs)

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Step on the gas and feel the wind in your hair as you zip around town on this Toy Electric Bike! With its 6V4.5 battery, your child can enjoy hours of riding - and with its USB port and MP3 socket, they can even listen while they ride! Plus, the LED headlight ensures they'll be safe while cruising around in the dark. And thanks to its one-key start design, it's easy for kids to get going without any help from mum or dad. With its bright colours and sleek design, this bike is sure to turn heads as you ride by. So, hop on board and feel the excitement!

- GET YOUR KID EXCITED - The Toy electric Bike is a unique and fun way to get your child excited about learning. This innovative product features a variety of educational functions, including music to keep kids entertained for hours on end.

- SAFE AND EASY TO RIDE - Kids can ride safely and effortlessly to get them where they need to go. Plus, the bike comes with various safety features to keep your child protected while they are having fun.

- ENTERTAINMENT FOR HOURS ON END - Not only does the Toy electric Bike feature a music player, but it also has a USB port that allows kids to connect their devices and keep them entertained for hours on end.

- LED HEADLIGHT - The LED headlight ensures that your child will be safe while cruising around in the dark. It's a great safety feature for kids who are just learning how to ride.

- ONE-KEY START DESIGN - Press once, and the bike is ready to ride! No need to worry about keys getting lost.