Toy Electric Car - Model LS9988 (Carton of 1pcs)

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This remote-control Electric Car is the perfect way for your child to have hours of fun. They can rock out to their favourite tunes while driving around. The power display will let them know how much fun they're having. Plus, it is safe for driving indoors or outdoors. Simulated anti-skid tires make it easy to navigate any surface. So, what are you waiting for?

- REMOTE CONTROL FUN - This electric car is perfect for your child to have hours of fun. You can drive them around to their favourite tunes with the remote control.

- INTELLIGENT SLOW START - This car has innovative slow start technology that prevents sudden acceleration from causing injuries. This feature gently accelerates from a standstill for added control and safety when starting. It also helps prevent damage to other objects in your home.

- SIMULATED ANTI-SKID TIRES - These tires are designed to look like real ones! With simulated anti-skid tires, your child will feel like they're driving a real car!