UMBRELLA-RST111A-W (Carton of 60pcs)


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Step into the rain with the elegant Classic Clear Umbrella, a blend of traditional design and modern transparency. This umbrella's transparent canopy is bordered with a tasteful black trim, offering a timeless look while providing the practicality of a full, unobstructed view. Perfect for those who appreciate the simplicity of a classic design with a contemporary twist.


The umbrella's dimensions, with a generous 95cm canopy, ensure complete protection while maintaining a chic profile. The 77cm length from tip to handle provides ample coverage, keeping you dry and stylish from head to toe.


Constructed with a durable frame and a reliable open/close mechanism, this umbrella stands up to the elements. The black hooked handle not only adds to the visual appeal but also ensures a comfortable and secure grip, making it a pleasure to hold and easy to hang.


Whether you're attending a formal event or simply out on a daily errand, this Classic Clear Umbrella is the perfect accessory for any weather. Its clear design allows it to pair seamlessly with any outfit, while the black accents provide just enough detail to make a statement. It's not just an umbrella; it's an extension of your personal style.


Classic Transparent Design: Enjoy full visibility with a stylish and elegant clear canopy that complements any outfit.

Durable Construction: Features a robust frame and reinforced ribs for enhanced wind resistance.

Comfortable Curved Handle: Equipped with a traditionally styled J-shaped handle for a comfortable and secure grip.

Large Canopy Size: Offers a generous 95cm diameter coverage to keep you dry during heavy downpours.

Fashionable and Functional: Combines high functionality with a chic design, suitable for all occasions.

Lightweight Design: Easy to carry without adding significant weight, making it perfect for everyday use.

Versatile Use: Ideal for city walks, formal events, or outdoor adventures.